Charanbash Suri is the name of an old and ancient festival that has been held for a long time during a grand ceremony, and it is also known as the end of the year wednesday  cermony and the night of The Red wednesday.  This celebration begins at sunset on the last Tuesday of the year and continues until late at night
 As the last Tuesday of the year is approaching, all people of all ages are struggling and everyone is busy preparing for Nowruz Eid and preparing themselves for the celebration of Wednesday.

 On Chaharshanbe Suri, it is customary for the younger ones to gather in the oldest member of families house out of respect and enjoy being together.  For this reason, people go to the market to buy and prepare to receive guests.

 All kinds of incendiary materials are also sold and Arzoo balloons also have a hot market.  Young and old try to prepare themselves in the best way and make a memorable night.
 In the last hours of the day, little by little, the sound of celebration and commotion is heard.  Fires are started and a wave of excitement starts in the city.  The black night sky is clear and thanks to the illuminations, it sometimes turns red, green or yellow to share the joy of this celebration with people.

Pictorial celebration report