Iran International Electricity Industry Exhibition, as the largest industrial and commercial event, is held annually with the presence of a large number of capable domestic and foreign companies in the field of the electricity industry. This exhibition is a great opportunity for companies to expose their achievements and products to the visitors and experts of this industry and to guide their future activities and innovations by considering the trend of market demands.

Hamoun Nyzeh Company as the first manufacturer of distribution and lighting ductile iron poles will also have an active presence in the Tehran International Exhibition hall No.6 to reflect its capabilities as much as possible.

The 21st International Exhibition of Electricity Industry has been held in 11 exhibition halls from 29th Oct. to 1st of Nov. with the presence of 284 domestic and foreign companies.

HANYCO was able to present new products and facilities in this exhibition, including a new device for installing ductile iron poles without the crane in impassable areas, A pole-climbing device, and pole climbing hole guides. Also, a constructive exchange of views was held with contractors, experts, and specialists in the field of electricity, and they were closely acquainted with the unique capabilities of these products in strengthening the electricity distribution network. Also, The company received constructive feedbacks that it can be helpful in the future to promote the product and related accessories.