Hamoun Nyzeh Products

HANYCO is a manufacturer of Ductile Iron Pipes and a supplier of associated fittings used for transferring potable water and sewage. The company also manufactures low-alloy steel billets for construction purposes.
HANYCO’s manufactured pipes are produced with Centrifugal Casting Method which is called De Lavaud process. The pipes range from DN 80 to DN 700 with a nominal length of six meters and are manufactured in accordance with international standards, ISO 2531 and EN 545. Accordingly, HANYCO’s pipes are of high quality and able to compete with domestic and international markets.


HANYCO was established to produce required pipe, fittings and accessories for water and waste water transition and distribution networks. Also, HANYCO expand its working area to some other important fields such as producing Structural and alloy steel billet, Ductile iron poles for Electrical distribution network and various Casting products.

Water and Waste water network

HANYCO is manufacturer of Ductile Iron pipe and fittings from DN80 to DN800 and their accessories.

Steel Billet

HANYCO produces Structural and alloy steel billet with a length of 6 and 12 m.

Electrical distribution network

HANYCO is the first manufacturer of tapered and cylindrical ductile iron poles in IRAN for 20Kv electrical distribution networks in 9 and 12m length. Also, HANYCO produce lighting pole with a length of 1 to 6m.

Flag Pole

HANYCO produces ductile iron flag poles in 6, 12,18 and 24 m lengths.


HANYCO produces Ductile iron manhole in two different classes C250 and D400. Also, HANYCO produce Cast iron radiators in two different designs.