Hamoon Naizeh Company as one of the largest producers of unbreakable cast iron in the Middle East with the approach of production and supply of pipes and fittings of unbreakable cast iron to transfer water from production centers to consumption points in 1385 on a 24 hectare land in Kashan and built in 2008 It was put into operation.
This company has been established with an area of ​​24 hectares in Kashan city with private sector investment.
“Production of quality products, using the latest and most modern technology in the world in accordance with international standards of this industry is the most important goal of this factory.”
The main activity of this factory is in the water and sewage sector of the country to create transmission and distribution networks of water and sewage with a very high reliability in order to protect national assets.
Since in general all the countries in our region are located in arid and semi-arid regions, access to the markets of the surrounding countries is the most important goal of the company. At present, the market for the export of the company’s products to Ukraine on the European border has developed.
The annual production capacity of the company is 100,000 tons and its main products are all types of pipes and fittings of unbreakable cast iron from 80 to 800 mm in accordance with the international standard ISO 2531.

After achieving success in the water and wastewater industry, Hamoon Naizeh Company is proud to enter new markets in the fields of construction, electricity and by producing products such as steel and alloy ingots, conical and cylindrical power bases, lighting bases and foundry parts. The car has been.

شرکت هامون نایزه

Introducing Hamoon Naizeh