Product certifications

Certificate EN5475-EN545-598

ISO 2531 certification

Thin-walled pipes INSO-21376

DVGW Cement Health Certificate

DVGW Bitumen Paint Health Certificate

INSO3732 standard

ISO 9000 -2008 quality management system certification

Safety certificate

Health certificate

Customer Complaint Certificate

Certificate of global quality compliance

International Certificate of Leadership Badge Grade B.

Certificate 9001

Certificate 9001

Certificate 10002

Certificate 10004

Certificate 14001

Certificate 14001-UM

Certificate cement

DVGW certification

Certificate 2-DVGW

Exploitation Certificate

Food-grade certification

GC Mark Certificate

HYG Certificate for Cement Mortar Lining of Ductile Iron Pipes

Incorporation Certificate

Integrate certification

OHSAS-2001 certification

OHSAS-18001 certification

Sirim Certificate

Certificate of earthquake resistant pipes

Incentive standard certification