Hamoun Nyzeh Company (HANYCO)

Although the earth is covered with water, water shortage threatens mankind. For instance, African countries and some Asian ones are threatened with such shortage and Middle East countries, including Iran and Persian Gulf countries where desert have formed high percentage of their land suffer from severe water shortage. Therefore, correct and hygienic transference of water from sources and production areas to the consumption centers, where people live (i.e. cities and villages), is one of the main concerns of each society.

More importantly, according to the International statistics, Ductile Iron Pipes have the highest percentage of usage in comparison with other types of pipe due to their special characteristics. For that reason, Hamoun Nyzeh was established for the purpose of manufacturing and supplying Ductile Iron Pipes and fittings for transference of water from production centers to the consumption areas.

Certificates Received for Raising Quality, Safety, and Hygienic Levels as well as Customer Satisfaction.


Quality Certificate

The quality certificate was operational at the beginning of 2009, and it was finalized after documentation, activities’ improvement, work processes, inspection, and etc.

In fact, ISO 9001:2008 is currently considered as an effective model for activities by many manufacturing and non-manufacturing centers.

Safety Certificae

Hamoun Nyzeh’s Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007, became operational in 2010 through identification of processes, goals’ codification and workflow, and its related certificates were obtained from IQNet and DQS companies.

Hygienic Certificate

Since Hamoun Nyzeh products are used in the transfer of potable water, the hygienic certificate was obtained from reputable companies such as DVGW in Germany and SIRIM QAS in Malaysia according to BS 6920 standard.

Customer satisfaction certificate

To increase customer satisfaction, Hamoun Nyzeh has created a customer-centered environment and is ready to get feedback from its customers, including investigating their complaints and solving their problems. Also, the company has taken necessary steps to acquire and establish ISO 10002:2005 for improving product quality and customer service.

GC-Mark Certification

Hamoun Nyzeh received GC-Mark certification from German DQS Co at the beginning of 2014. This certification indicates company’s systemic processes conformity to customer satisfaction, after-sales services, product quality, safety and hygiene.

Our motto is the sign of global compliance; “the key to success is to be better than others.”